Salutations!  Welcome to Rapunzel’s Resource, my new hair tutorial blog.  I will be posting instructions for individual techniques as well as finished styles both modern and historical.  Another group of styles will be faux short ‘dos.  As a girl with long hair, I have found creative styling and fighting boredom to be a challenge.  Either I do the same styles over and over, or I get the urge to cut my hair.  Hopefully this blog will help others to experiment and find styles and techniques that work for them.

By way of introduction, I am a christian, homeschool graduate and re-enacting, sewing, piano-playing redhead.  In the past I have done hair for plays, graduations, historic balls, a bat mitzvah, and a short film. My hair is 41 inches long and wavy or 2b/2cMii for those who know what that means (there’s a link to definitions in my sidebar).  My sister will occasionally show up on here as a model.  Her hair is pretty much the same as mine, about 30 inches long, blond, and not quite as thick.

The format of this blog will generally be a technique on Monday or Tuesday and styles or variations throughout the week.  Please let me know if you have any request for specific styles!



30 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. this is a wonderful blog! many women and young ladies that i know have long hair. would you mind if i posted your web blog link on my facebook? i am sure many of my friends would love to explore your site (o:

  2. I just want to say what a fabulous site this is. My 7 year old daughter has long hair and I have great fun doing her hair in different styles.
    We’d been trying to do buns without success for a couple of years, but these instructions are so clear and easy!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  3. Thank you so much! I just stumbled accross this website, but I have been so blessed by it . It is so encouraging to find a fellow Christian woman, especially if she loves taking care of her hair and helping others to do so as well. I am also a homeschool graduate, and love ClearPlay dvd players! I will be so gad to learn about new ways to style my hair. Do you have any suggestions for people who get headaches from wearing their hair up? I would love some suggestions!

    • I just happened to see this comment and as I have a lot of experience with hairstyle related headaches, I thought I would mention a few things that I do. 🙂

      Try not to do your hair too tightly (i.e. twisted/braided) – tight enough that it won’t fall out yes, but not as tight as it will go. I have found, if pinned correctly, your hair doesn’t have to be overly tight to stay up.

      Try doing your up-do a little lower on your head. For example, I tend to get headaches if I have a lot of hair pinned up right on my crown. Doing the hairstyle closer to my neck, helps a lot.

      And lastly, hairstyles that evenly distribute the weight of your hair – like Elizabeth’s Civil War Luana Braids – almost never cause me a headache.

      Sorry for hijacking your blog, Elizabeth. :p

      To the KING be all the glory!

      BLOG: http://www.donotgrowweary.com/blog

      “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

  4. Hi. Stumbled across your blog and was hooked!

    Thanks for all the different updos. As a med student whose hair gets tangled in her stethoscope if it’s left down, I am definitely going to try them out!

  5. I just found your website and I love it. I’m not a young girl anymore, I’m a mom now w/ 2 young homeschooling children myself. I always had long hair all of my life > I never wanted them short. Some styles that I’m interested in are vintage styles like colonial( or BArock, roccoco) ,renaissance, medieval etc. I look at a site about barock styles and I found it very confusing. Do you have any resources about that subject? Thanks and Blessings Friederike

  6. I am so glad to have been directed by a friend to your website. I have hair below my waist and have never known what to do with it! Thank you for your blog!

  7. Wow, first of all I have to say that your hair is absolutely beautiful!!!

    And many, many thanks to you for all the wonderful hairstyles, I’ve been searching the Internet for ages and I never found exactly what I was looking for. But now that I’ve seen your site, I finally got some inspiration what to do with my hair (waist-long, blond, thick, wavy, hard to handle:-)))

    So glad I found this site:-)

    Many thanks and greetings from Berlin, Germany

    PS: I hope I didn’t make to many mistakes:-)

  8. Hi! I found your website through my sister, Joannah, who I think found it trying to find hairstyles. I am the oldest of 10 children, 6 of which are girls with long hair! I think the one’s with the longest hair are Leah (she is 19 and her hair is just above her knees!) and Tabitha (who is 7, and her hair I think IS to her knees!) We are the children of a Southern Baptist preacher (and I am now the wife of one as well ^_^), and no sister but me have ever had their hair cut (I was 5 the last time my parents cut my hair) other than trimming, which I don’t think counts. It keeps our hair healthy! Ok, I have a couple of questions maybe you can help me with. My hair is Mid thigh at the longest point – I don’t know it in inches, I need my husband to measure it still! I am trying to get it longer, so I’ve been refraining from trimming even, because that takes precious inches away! Do you know of ways to heal split ends? And I have a hard time getting my hair secure, and if I do, it’s usually skull tight and headache inducing. o_O Tips for that? Or it just practice?… I have like 5 styles I redo and redo and redo, so I was happy to find your site, I am just a little frightened of trying the styles! I did the launa braids, and they turned out super cute! 🙂 I’m planning on trying the bunb version of that today. Ok, so this has rambled on long enough. I hope you can help me! 😀

    Your sister in Christ,


  9. I’m looking for updos that keep my ears covered or partially covered. They’re pretty big and they get cold, which makes me uncomfortable. All your styles leave the ears uncovered. If you ever come up with a style that keeps the ears covered, please let me know. Thanks for your lovely blog.

  10. Hello, were the Adams Family. It is a pleasure to meet you. We do re-enacting as well in the great state of MO. We do the war between the states reenacting to be exact:) I am really excited about your blog! Thanks for sharing what you know with others!
    Blessings! Dana

  11. you have beautiful hair, to start.
    thanks for this website; it is really helpful. i am thinking about cutting it but for the meantime, this will be great for styling 🙂 i am geting bored of the traditional pony tail or tight bun i wear most days

  12. do you have any styles for straight hair? almost all your styles require curling or waving. my hair is always getting split ends, so it gets trimmed about 3-4 inches every six months to a year.
    I’m home-schooled too and love having long hair!

    • Johanna, your straight hair is perfect for many styles. Anything with pinrolls, ropes, and twists will be even easier to do with straight as apposed to curly hair. The reason my hair is usually waved is because mine is naturally a goofy-loooking uneven wave, and it is easier for me to work with it by turning it into a pretty wave than it is to go straight.

      I would recommend trying some techniques and see what works for you. For example, you may notice, I don’t do alot of braids on this site because my hair doesn’t like them, but yours might. I do have an updo that looks fabulous on straight hair that I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial for so stay tuned!

  13. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING. I have hair down to almost past my butt and I’ve debated cutting it because of how difficult it is to style at times. I do love my hair and its length and I am excited to try out all of your tutorials.

  14. Hi,
    I am going to be graduating from college soon and I was wondering do you have a hairstyle for really long hair that would go well with a graduation cap?

  15. WOW! you are absolutely AMAZING! i stumbled upon your site because I am planning to be Emma Woodhouse for halloween and I found your wonderful emma series of hairstyles. No sooner than that I became hooked looking at all your beautiful dos and very clear tutorials. I have long hair and was planning on cutting it off in a few months but now I may just have to reconsider!

  16. Came across this site because I was looking for authentic hairstyles from the 1860s. My boyfriend is a Civil War reenactor, and now I am planning on doing it as well! My first official reenactment event will be this Saturday. His mother made me a dress, and I absolutely love it! Now, I just need a hairstyle to go with it. 🙂 I have been trying to grow my hair out for awhile now. It is about shoulder length and red! 😉 I will spend some time on here and see what I find. Thanks!


  17. I just discovered your site and am so excited I did! I love the styles I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to try them. My hair isn’t as thick as yours, but its down to my knees so I’ve fallen into a rut of always wearing it in a plain twisted bun. Thanks for posting all these lovely tips and new styles to try 🙂

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