French Fold

I love the classic look of the French Twist, but I just have too much hair.  Here is a version of this simply elegant style for long hair.

french fold 2

1.  Gather all your hair together at the back of your head at roughly ear-level.

french fold 3

2.  Fold the length over your hand and to the side forming a loop being careful not to twist it.  (Yes, I have a natural blond streak in my hair in the under layer.)

french fold 4

3.  Keeping hold of the loop, twirl your wrist (the hand holding the loop) one full turn clockwise and hold the loop against your head.

french fold 5

Your hair should look like this.  ^

french fold 6

I had to start over after the last picture because my camera batteries died!  Sorry for the incontinuity.

4.  Twist the hair that is sticking out and fold it in half or up level with the top of the loop.  If your hair is longer than mine, you may need to fold it again.

french fold 7

5.  Slide this new loop to the right and under/behind the fold you made earlier.  You can see the loop on the right.  Pin along the side, tucking in any stray hairs as you go.  I usually pin the loops in a couple of places as well.

french fold 8

Sometimes I slide some of the “fold” hair up to cover more of the loops.  You can pin flowers, a barret, or decorative pins into the fold for a special occasion.


12 thoughts on “French Fold

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  3. Thank you sooo much this is very helpful!! I have searched google to try to find something to do with my hair. My hair is really thick and it is half way to my knees!! I am only 13 I kinda dread how long it is goin to be when I am older!! Thanks again, Emy

  4. I really lke this style. My hair is just 24 inches but I was able to do this style. I love it and I really enjoy your site.

  5. I think the picture ‘French Fold 5’ looks pretty enough to wear as a style itself… whimsy curls at the bottom would make it look great 🙂

  6. I really like this style, but I’m having trouble figuring it out. Could you maybe make a video of you doing it? That would help a lot. Thanks!

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  9. Thank you so much for this site! I’ve been struggling with wanting to do a French Twist but my hair is also too long. I am having a hard time figuring these instructions out as well and would love a video if you have the time. Thanks again!

  10. Thanks so much for this tutorial! It really helped out on New Year’s Eve. My hair is impossibly straight and hard to keep in place, so I always keep it in a bun or a braided bun. I didn’t really know if I would be able to achieve this hairstyle. Even if it didn’t turn out quite as I wanted it (perfectionist here XD) I’m really happy with the result. Thanks again for this blog!

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