Faux Short 1940s Swing Style

Here is another vintage-inspired faux short style. Also known as “heart attack #1,” this is the style I wear for World War II events.  You will need to know how to do bandana waves for this style.
swing 2

1.  Set your hair in about five sections of bandana waves the night before (or in the morning for an evening event).  I did two smaller sections in the front and three larger sections in the back.

swing 3

2.  Undo only the three back sections.  Finger-comb them into one big wave and coil them around your hand.  If your hair is very thick or has layers, you may need to use a hair tie half way down to keep everything together.

swing 4

3.  Keep coiling the hair until you have one big loop.

swing 5

Like this ^

swing 6

4.  Pin the coil to the nape of your neck.  I used four jumbo bobby pins.  You will want to pin the hair shorter than you want because it will “grow” over time.

swing 7

5.  Undo the front sections, give it a little twist, and secure it with a comb.

swing 8

6.  Wrap the front section to the center back of your hair.  Make a little coil with the extra length and pin it to the underside of the big coil with two criss-crossing bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

swing 9

Here’s the criss-cross.  I used my sister’s blond pins so you could see them better.

swing 10

And voila!  You can accessorize this style a lot of different ways.  I chose my white gardenia for today.

Coming next week, I will be doing a series on braids, including some little girl styles and a no tears, no tangles woven crown braid.  If you try any of my styles, I’d love to see your results!  Or if you would like me to do a tutorial for your favorite style from a movie or picture, please leave me a comment!


6 thoughts on “Faux Short 1940s Swing Style

  1. Hello! I just found your site today and just wanted to let you know that I *LOVE* this hair style! I never imagined that someone could do a 40’s style with long hair! I hope to try this out sometime this week!
    Also, I linked to this site on a blog post of mine.


    ps. I’m on the S&S forum as Southern Belle 🙂

  2. That is so cool! I’ve wanted to do a style like this for some time, but my hair is past my waist and I never thought I could! YAY! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m a past dresser (it’s so fun!) and I LOVE doing 40’s/50’s clothes, but I couldn’t figure out any way to do a 40’s/50’s hair style with my hair this long. I can wrap it in a bun but that didn’t seem right… 😦 now I can do something! 🙂 I’m going to finish looking at the site (I’m so glad I discovered it I was looking for how to do ringlets in really really long thick hair. I’m so following now!) And then I’m gonna go try this out! 🙂
    oh one more question…this may sound silly…have you ever been to any Vision Forum conferences…cause you look kinda familiar…I’m sure I haven’t met you but you look like I’ve seen you before somewhere. ha ha. Maybe it’s just me. 🙂

  3. I am SO stealing this and doing a modified version for my Vintage Elphaba for Dragon*Con this year. I’m pairing the faux-bob with a couple of giant victory rolls. Do you ever use hair rats? Have a blessed day!

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