Easy Historical Hair

easy historic 1
When I go to reenactments, invariably a gal asks me to do her hair, but she only has one hair tie. Requiring two minutes, a hair tie, and no pins, this style is easy and Civil War-appropriate. It isn’t accurate, but if your friend needs something to keep her hair up, this will work in a pinch.

easy historic 2
1. Part hair in the middle. Secure hair in a mid-height ponytail.

easy historic 3
2. The next step is what is called “flipping the ponytail.” Separate the ponytail above the hair tie.

easy historic 4
3. Fold your hair up and then down through the space you created in step 2. Tighten the ponytail.

easy historic 5
Your hair should look like this ^

easy historic 6
4. Braid your hair all the way down.

easy historic 7
5. Fold the braid up and then down through the same space.

easy historic 8
6. Fold the braid up again next to the first loop.

easy historic 9
7. Fold the braid up again and tuck in the ends, this time on the other side so that the style is symmetrical.

Make sure that all the loops are even, and you’re good to go! If you or the friend that you did this style for has hair shorter than mine, you can do fewer loops. If you hair is very thick and shorter, you may need to do two braids.


11 thoughts on “Easy Historical Hair

  1. Thank you! I tried this style today and like it very much! I definitely need help and practice in putting up my own hair. Warm regards, Midori

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  3. I love this style! I found it a while ago on another site, but it had you do three braids and use pins – it took me a long time to do, so I’m glad to have found this one, which is so much simpler to do, but still looks the same!

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  7. Thank you so much! I’m doing a pioneer reenactment in a week and with my thick long locks I couldn’t figure out how to make a bun (at the nape of my neck because of the hat) that would stay/look-pretty/not-be-to-heavy/not-be-to-hot-be-period-correct THANK YOU!

  8. This looks wonderful, I have knee length hair and don’t know how to manage it. As there is pressure from both my sisters to cut it short, I have been pushed to working harder at doing my hair nicely. It is wonderful to know there are other christian young ladies that I can learn from.

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