Luana Braids

luana side

Named after Luana Patten, this is style is a favorite. The basic variation with loops is a little young for me, but you can use this style as a basis for several styles. French braids were not in use in America during the Civil War or before then so this is a great substitute for french braids. For theatrical purposes, this style has an “adorable little girl” appeal, particularly useful for actresses playing a part younger than they are.

luana 1
1. Part the hair in the middle all the way down. Clip one side out of the way for now.

luana 2
2. Make another part from the top of the head down to the ear. Clip the back section out of the way for now.

luana 3
3. Begin a regular braid, crossing the part-side section first, then the ear-side section.

luana 4
4. Continue braiding until the braid is below the ear.

luana 5
5. Unclip the back section and divide it into three sections. add one section of the little braid to each of the new sections and keep braiding. If you can’t get your fingers and sections to cooperate, you can secure the little braid with a hair tie, divide the the three sections so that the little braid is part of the middle section, and keep braiding.

6. Unclip the other side and repeat steps 2-5 on the other side.

This is the basic Luana braids, but this style is only the beginning. The next several posts will be about variations of this style, including a stunning (and simple!) crown braid.


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