Luana Loops

luana loops

This is the most basic variation of Luana braids, just loop up, pin, and tie a ribbon around the base of the braid. This is a great style for little girls of all eras.


4 thoughts on “Luana Loops

  1. I’m SO glad I found your site! You make the tutorials look simple and easy to understand.
    I have a question about this one though…are there a certain type of pins to use to keep the loops up? Is there a proper method of pinning them in?
    Everytime I’ve tried to pin them up, the braids just slip back down.

    Thank you for all the tutorials! Now I’ll have a lot more variety in my hairstyles 🙂

  2. I either did a criss-cross of regular bobby pins or one of the plastic “Good Days” pins. Also, if you’re using ribbons, you can thread the ribbon into the elastic (does that make sense?) and then tie the bow.

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