Pin Roll Introduction: Rolled Bangs

rolled bang (13)

Ever wanted to see what you’d look like with bangs? Here’s a way to try out the look without having to cut your hair (which we all know would be baaaaad ;-)). This style also has a lot of vintage flair.

Pin rolls are a great way to curl your hair since they don’t require special equipment (just bobby pins), and they dry very fast because they don’t have anything in the center to block air circulation. And you can do them by yourself! I am demonstrating the basic technique by making one roll on the front that looks like bangs. Even if you already have bangs, you will still want to look at the technique because it is the foundation for other styles this week. Pin rolls work on any hair length.

rolled bang (1)
1. De-tangle and part your hair. Separate a rectangular section from the part to about 2 1/2. How deep you need to go depends on how thick/long your hair is. Thicker/longer hair needs a shallower section than fine, short hair.

rolled bang (2)
2. Holding hair a comfortable distance away from your head, fold your hair around two fingers, keeping the fold as flat as possible. If you have layers, you can start folding at the point where they would all be included.

rolled bang (3)
3. Keep folding until you run out of hair. Think “wrapping a yo-yo” (no twisting), not fishing reel.

rolled bang (4)
4. Slide your finger between the roll and the rest of your hair. Go around . . .

rolled bang (5)
. . . and down . . .

rolled bang (6)
. . . so that your roll now looks like this. You basically moved the top layer so that it is centered over the roll, not next to it.

rolled bang (7)
5. Take the roll of your fingers and hold it with your thumb in the loop and two fingers on the outside. You can see my hair has fly-aways. If you ever use hair spray, now would be a good time. Otherwise you can smooth it with damp fingers.

rolled bang (8)
6. Roll the hair all the way to the scalp, being careful to hold on to the roll with at least one hand at all times.

rolled bang (09)
7. Hold the roll with one hand . . .

rolled bang (10)
. . . while you pin in a criss-cross formation with the other, catching some hair near the scalp. If you click on the picture, you can see my pins. After this shot, I went back and hid them better.

rolled bang (11 )
8. Smooth and spread the roll as you like. I did mine off center and spread them out to the side.

rolled bang (12)
You can pair this technique with the faux short pony tail and a ribbon or scarf for a bobby-soxer look. You could also do a 1940s version, like at the top of this post.

rolled bang (14)
The hair comb I’m wearing to today belonged to my grandmother, who was a teenager in the 1950s. *Click to see larger*

14 thoughts on “Pin Roll Introduction: Rolled Bangs

  1. Antoinette, For thicker hair, just take a “shallower” rectangle. My hair isn’t thin, and my section is 2.5″ by 1.5.” You could try a section 1″ deep or less. Also, your hair is shorter than mine so that should help.

  2. That looks cute! I don’t think it would work on me, because of my bangs but I like the idea. I look forward to the rest of the posts this week! 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!


    “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

  3. I just wanted to say that I really, really like your website. I used to have 45″ of hair. It’s now shoulder length, on the way to growing again. I just don’t like short hair. Your site is something that I wish existed when my hair was long. I did a lot of things with it, but you are truly creative and you’ve thought of a lot of things that I never did. I particularly like your faux short styles and the bandana waves. I can’t wait to try those someday! Thank you so much for sharing your styles with us.

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    • Well, I just saw a link on the Vermont Country Store website for fine-hair side combs. They’re under hair-care, got extra teeth in ’em for better hold in fine hair. The VCS is a good place to order from – I’ve never had a bit of trouble.

  8. Please help what thickness of ribbon is that Elizabeth? I really want a ribbon like that but can’t find one! Also my hair is armpit level length and fine could I do your pirates of the carribean style or is that for thick hair? Katie x

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