Pin Curl Bun: The Flower Bun

flower bun (9)flower bun (10)
Do you ever find yourself with back-to-back events with no time to wash your hair in between? For me, it often takes the form of a historical ball on Saturday with church the next morning. I usually spray my hair pretty heavily for dancing (making it terrible to manage the next day), and staying up after midnight to wash my hair and then waiting 2 hours for it to dry is the last thing I want to do. This style, ladies, is the solution. Classy bun by night, pretty curls by day!

1. De-tangle your hair and secure is in a mid-height or higher ponytail. Section out the top 25 percent of the ponytail. Before rolling each section, mist it with water or hair spray.
flower bun (2)
2. Holding the section where you can (above your head would be fine, but more tiring) and begin a pin roll. See the Pin Roll Introduction for more detailed instructions.

All sections are rolled “away” from the ponytail holder. For more specifics about direction, read the note below step 7.

flower bun (3)
3. Roll it all the way to the hair tie.

flower bun (4)
4. Hold the roll and pin with a criss-cross.

flower bun (5)
5. This is what you should have right now. Divide what is left of the ponytail into four sections.

flower bun (6)
6. Roll one roll on each side to go next to the first one . . .

flower bun (7)
. . . like this.

7. Roll the last two sections . . .
flower bun (8)
. . . so you have this.

A note about direction
The direction of a pin roll is classified by the direction of the hair you can see in the finished style. In this picture the top roll is rolled “up,” the sides are rolled “forward,” and the bottom rolls are rolled “down/forward.” The other possible direction would be “back” which would be the opposite of the side rolls.

flower bun (9)
Here’s the view from the side. I kept my sections pretty distinct, but you could also pin them less so.

8. Before you go to bed, mist everything down. Let it dry, and the next morning,

flower bun (10)
. . . *poof* Curls! (Sorry they went out of frame.)

flower bun (11)flower bun (1)
You can also recycle the curls with a faux short pony tail into a lovely updo.


24 thoughts on “Pin Curl Bun: The Flower Bun

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  2. Hello,

    I recently discovered your site, and I love it, especially the historical and vintage hairstyles!
    I have fairly long hair, and it’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of always braiding it.

    I tried the flower bun out today, and it was so comfortable!
    Thank you for doing this! I can hardly wait to try out some of your other styles!


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  5. This bun holds so well that I really like it for everyday.
    I also discovered that if you thread a ribbon through the centers of the rolls, and tie it tightly around the ponytail, that it stays even better. I wore it for several games of ‘capture the flag’ and it didn’t slip at all!
    In Christ, Hannah

  6. When I tried the faux short pony tail with the curls they went clear past my shoulders! My hair isn’t too much longer than yours, but it won’t stay short like the picture. Do you have any hints, besides hair spray?
    In Christ, Hannah

    • Hmmm, I’m not sure what went wrong. Did you fold the tail back on itself? Also, how tight were your curls? My hair would be curly if it was shorter so I’ve never had a problem with curls being too loose. (I did have a problem with curls being too tight once. In an attempt for all-over curls, I set my entire head in sponge rollers, about 70 of them. When I took them out, I looked like something between Shirley Temple and an Irish dance wig.) One thing you can try would be to pin the ends of the curls to the hair at the nape of your neck.

  7. I juste tried the flower bun like you put it but i just can’t manage it. The result is pretty but messy and far from being as nice and neat as your bun !
    Thanks for all these tutorials, I just love your hair and its color !

  8. I love your website! Do you have video tutorials on youtube? You are beautiful- thanks so much for doing the tutorials!!

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  10. I just tried this style this morning and it turned out really well! It’s so nice to find hair styles for long hair that don’t involve a ton of hair products or look messy. Thank you!

  11. This style is one of my very favorites!!! I just used it in a play that I was in and it was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!

  12. Hello dearo , I really really like your web link. I m from india , I always wanted to have a site dedicated for various hair styles specially for long hairs, as very less people know how to style long hairs. Your page is just fantastic, and styles are just easy to follow n great. I take help from your page to have some styles. May God bless you. May you have more success. Thank You. Bye bye t c

  13. I love this style so much, but I cant for the life of me get it to work in my hair 😦 My hair is REALLY thin, and doesn’t stay in sections very well 😦

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  15. I am excited to try out some of these technics and hairstyles! I almost always wear my long hair in a braid because it’s fast, and I can keep it out of the baby’s hands, but it’s so boring that sometimes I’ve been tempted to cut it off. My husband loves it long though, and I don’t want to dissapoint him. So, I decided to try and find some creative hair ideas. We have also been blessed with a third daughter recently, so I figured, all the more reason to learn some new styles to use on all these little heads of hair! 🙂 I am very happy I came upon your blog!

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