How to Wear Your Hair in a Bandana

wrap (7)
If you are doing any overnight curling method, you may experience next-day “fuzzies.” Here’s how to wrap your hair in a bandana to sleep-proof your hair style.

wrap (1)
1. Fold a big bandana or scarf into a triangle.

wrap (2)
2. Tie the long ends around your head with half a square knot.

wrap (3)
3. Hold the back and pull the corners to the front.

wrap (4)
4. Tie the other half of the square knot over the corners.

wrap (5)
5. Tuck the corners under. You could tuck the knot ends, too, but I think they look cute. 😉

wrap (6)
6. Holding out the sides, tuck in any bagginess.

wrap (7)
If your bun/style sticks out a lot, the bandana will want to slip off. I use snap clips at the sides.

Oh, and you can do the exact same method, but upside down so the knot is at your neck. That’s the way I wear bandanas for painting and other messy jobs. But for sleeping, the knot gets caught on the little hairs, and it’s lumpy.


4 thoughts on “How to Wear Your Hair in a Bandana

  1. Rebekah, both Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby have bandanas for $1.

    Natasha, I have the ones for Emma Week. I haven’t made any for the blog in general, yet. Maybe this weekend! What is the standard size for a blog button, by the way?

  2. Ha!Ha! I have noooo idea! I don’t even know how to make one! I’m a blogger newbie, I do know how to put a blog button on the blog, but no idea about any of that technical mubo jumbo! I look forward to the lovely hairstyles you get next!

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