Ribbons, Part 3

Yesterday, I received a question from Genevieve.

I have a question. Is there a way to make the ribbon stay put?
Mine just slides right off the back of my head!

Thanks! Genevieve

Here are some possible solutions.

  1. Have the ribbon sit more forward on your head.
  2. Use grosgrain or single-faced satin instead of double-faced satin.
  3. Try tying the knot tighter, but not so tight that the ribbon shifts to a smaller part of your head.
  4. My mom’s suggestion: spray the back of the ribbon with hair spray to make it sticky.

If all else fails, use velvet ribbon face down for extra grip.

If you’re super desperate, use a bobby pin or two behind your ears to hold the ribbon in place.

Do you ladies have any other ideas for helping a ribbon stay up?


5 thoughts on “Ribbons, Part 3

  1. I use the first idea for headband style – I have to let the ribbon only a couple inches from my bangs.

    I have the difficulty keeping the ribbon in when I tie my hair in a pony tail though – it just won’t stay!! I wore my hair like that on Monday – for the whole ten minutes I could keep it in!! :p

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  2. Lovely! Thank you. I will try…all of those. Ha! 🙂 Thanks so much for answering my questions!

    I cannot wait for Emma week! While watching that movie I spend most of my time going…LOOK at her HAIR! How did they do that? 🙂 Love it.

    I don’t know if you have watched the movie “The Inheritance” (movie based on the book by Louisa May Alcott) but there are some beautiful hair styles in that. Maybe after you are done with Emma styles you could check those out and try them. I like Edith’s hair styles the best.


  3. Hmm . . . I have heard of “The Inheritance,” but I haven’t seen it. I’ll check my local library. I do have another movie in mind for the late winter/early spring, but we’ll see. 😉

  4. If you are confident in your ability to keep the ribbon straight, I would suggest putting some little stripes of hot glue on the under-side of the ribbon and letting it dry. This will give it some “grip”, similar to the no-slip elastics available in stores. You would only have to do it near the center, so it wouldn’t affect tying the ribbon off.

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