Ribbons, Part 4

I love wide ribbons. With just the time it takes to tie them, they add such panache to a hair do. Even if you don’t do anything else with your hair, a bold ribbon still looks stylish.

The example on right is Marianne Dashwood from the 2008 Sense and Sensibility. Known for her high spirits, Marianne is frequently shown with a wide ribbon as an accent to her lovely curls. To replicate her style, first pull some of your hair from the sides to the back and coil into a small bun. Tie a 2-inch wide ribbon headband style with a big floppy bow and the tails hanging over one shoulder.

Here is my version, except I just wore my hair down.

I’ve had this ribbon for years, long before the movie was made; it’s a yard and a half long, single-faced satin, inch and a half wide. I wear it a lot, especially with bandana waves and pin roll curls. It’s kind of my signature style.

Here’s the same ribbon ponytail style. And Rebekah, I wore it like this for an entire Costco trip and didn’t have to adjust it once, so it can be done!

My next post will be a tutorial on advanced wide ribbon tying.


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