Ribbons, Part 5

This tutorial is for advanced wide ribbon tying and accent twists that would work with any satin ribbon. Today’s ribbon is 2-inch wide, 2-and-a-half yards long single-faced satin.

1. Style your hair or clip it up and out of the way for now. Position your ribbon so that one tail is the length you want it to be when you’re done is hanging down on your right side.

2. Wrap the long end around and slightly in front of the first wrap. Make sure that you go over the tail from step 1.

3. Wrap one more time centered over the first two wraps.

4. Bring what is left of the long end above/in front of the tail. Thread the end under all the wraps and pull snug. This is usually enough tension to keep my ribbon up, but you could tie the two ends in a knot, too.

Finished style.

For an extra-special touch, here is how to add an accent twist.

1. Before you do the last wrap, folded your ribbon in half length-wise so the satin side is the only side visible.

2. Twist the ribbon so that it makes a little rope.

3. Wrap and tie like the basic variation.

By the way, who said redheads can’t wear red? 😉


6 thoughts on “Ribbons, Part 5

  1. Hi! I just came across your blog and I love it!!! I adore old fashioned hairstyles – so much better than the sloppy trends of today. I gleaned many new hair ideas from this post that I will be trying. I don’t have terribly long hair – it’s just past my shoulder, but I’m trying to grow it long! I will definitely be back here again!

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  3. Thanks for these tutorials–I love wearing ribbons in my hair now and then, but haven’t done so lately for fear of looking too little-girlish. But these styles would be stylish and becoming on a lady of any age.

    (And I love your red hair!)

    God bless,
    ~Rebekah G.

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