Emma: Puppies Style

Ok, that is a goofy name, but I didn’t know what else to call this style. I’m open to suggestions!

This easy style is from the scene when Emma is consoling Harriet about her “loss” of Mr. Elton; this scene also features one of my favorite extras from the movie, an adorable spaniel puppy. How could a girl’s spirits not be lifted?

But I digress . . .

You will need to know how to do a shell bun for this style. If your hair is thicker or shorter than mine, you could substitute a regular bun.

More movie images.

Jane Fairfax also wears this style in a later party scene.

1. Part your hair in the center. With the hair behind the part and the top of your head, make a shell bun. Don’t worry about your scalp showing; we’ll cover it with more hair.

If you look at the first picture, Emma’s front hair swoops down and around the top bun to become a lower bun. This sectioning works really well when you want a front part and a very high style.

2. With all the hair you have left, make another shell bun right below the first one.

Here is the finished style from a different angle.


8 thoughts on “Emma: Puppies Style

  1. That looks amazing!! Just like Emma’s…
    I cannot wait til I can grow my hair longer so I can cut it straight across and start doing some of these styles! (My hair is layered, and the shortest layer is a little bit below my chin, so it is hard to do any style, as that layer always slips out. :-S )

  2. Melanie, Thank you! When I’ve done layered hair for plays and such, I’ve found that gel+bobby pins can hold a lot!

    Jordan, When I mentioned substituting bun techniques, I was thinking about you. 🙂

    We had a huge wind storm last night that ripped the screens off our windows and even knocked down the free-standing heavy metal porch swing in the back yard. Daddy and Brother are out assessing other damages . . . .

  3. First of all – I want to say how much I’ve been enjoying the wonderful tutorials! Thank you so much for taking the time to post these. I have waist length fairly thick hair, and I was really out of ideas about how to fix my hair – then I came up on your blog and found so many great inspirations! So thanks again – you’ve been a real blessing!

    I just tried the ‘puppies’ hairstyle. :^) I love it! It’s so easy – and I like how the weight of the buns is sort of spread out and somewhat flat to the head so that it doesn’t feel all heavy.

    Below is a link to a picture of my version of the puppies hairstyle.

  4. I love to use this style when I play in concerts! I play violin, so I have to get all my hair out of my face. This is SO much better then a regular, pain bun! Thank you!

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