Emma: Frank Engaged

Towards the end of the movie, *don’t read the following if you haven’t seen the movie* Mrs. Weston tells Emma that Frank is engaged to Jane Fairfax. Later that day, Emma’s heart is broken broken by some “tragic” news about her dear Mr. Knightly.

You will need to know how to rope braid for this style. The Pirates of the Caribbean tutorial would be helpful, too.

Side view of the same hairstyle.

1. Starting with a ponytail, separate out a section of hair and rope braid the rest.

2. Coil the rope into a bun.

3. Right next to the bun, wrap your hair around your finger. Take the loop off and pin. There are some more detailed pictures in the “Pirates” tutorial (link at the top). Repeat all the way around the bun.

I tried to get the loops around the bun a couple of different way, but pinned loops was the only thing that worked. If curling iron curls or a sponge roller works better for you, go for it!

Finished style.


6 thoughts on “Emma: Frank Engaged

  1. Lovely tutorials as usual. I have to ask, though–where did you get those pictures? I’ve searched all over Google for screencaps of Emma’s blue dress and haven’t found a thing!

    Keep up the good work!
    God bless,
    ~”Wild Rose”~

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