Braided Headband

I hope you all are having a Terrific Thursday. I know I am because today is dearest Mumsy’s birthday!

Here’s how to add those little headband-type braids to your hairstyle. You can do this technique before you do a bun for an extra-special (and historical) look.

1. Separate out a section to be braided. I like to use the hair behind one ear on the side of the part with more hair (also know as the “heavy” side) to help cover where I start braiding.

2. Braid the section. I did a rope braid just to be different, but you could do a three-strand if you like.

3. Wrap the braid up and around to the other side. If you are doing the wearing your hair down trick, you can clip the braid in with the rest of the side section. If your braid isn’t long enough, you could secure it with a bobby pin criss-cross where it ends. Fluff the rest of your hair to cover the base of the braid.

Finished style.


5 thoughts on “Braided Headband

  1. Love it! My hair usually has too many fly-aways after just a few minutes to leave down, but this style is so cute I may have to try it anyway!

    Have you seen the Dickens BBC miniseries ‘Bleak House’? I would LOVE to see some tutorials for hairstyles seen there. –A.

  2. Lovely! I’ll have to try that – some time when I decide to go without a hat or am willing to “hide” more than half the braid! 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!


    “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

  3. Jan 7 is my parents’ anniversary (21 this year)! Love the new layout.

    PS have you checked out my new blog? My old one won’t let me in!

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  5. Love this, and am wishing my hair was long enough to do it! It’s only about 22 inches long and has layers. I hadn’t even noticed you rope-braided the headband till this time when looking at this post. I haven’t yet mastered the rope braid. . . . Hopefully will soon!

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