A Rapunzel’s Lament

Dear readers, I feel I must inform you of something that has caused me great distress.Β  Indeed, I have agonized over exactly how to tell you.

Yesterday, I was grieved to part with four friends. They’ve been with me for many years, and I was sad to see them go. The severance of our acquaintance will be permanent, but it was time to release them. Truly torn, I struggled to find if there might be any possibility of saving even one, but alas, it could not be done. I will not say they have gone to a better place, for there is no return from whence they have gone, and yet I know that those that remain will be better for it.

*sigh, wipes tear*

In other words, I cut my hair. (Well, more precisely, my mom cut it for me.)

*dodges rotten produce being flung from the far reaches of cyberspace.*

In my defense, my hair really needed it, and it was only four inches. Before, it was “classic” length; now it’s what is inelegantly referred to as “tailbone” length. While the loss of four inches would be drastically obvious on most other girls, not one person I know in real life has noticed!! πŸ˜₯Β  I knew that would happen, but it’s still disheartening.Β  The rest of my hair is much “happier,” though, and has more curl, so I’m happy.

Now that I’ve confessed, I would like to hear from you readers, even the shy lurkers!

How long is you hair? And when was the last time you cut it?

The standard way to measure is to hold a tape measure or string with zero at your front hairline. With the tape going up and over the crown, find the length of the longest hairs. You could also give a relative length. Usually, those are shoulder> below shoulder> mid-back> waist> hip> tailbone> classic (top of thigh)> mid-thigh> knee> below knee> ankle> floor and beyond.

I’ll go first.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. My hair is thirty-nine inches long, and I last cut it on February 1, 2010.


52 thoughts on “A Rapunzel’s Lament

  1. Well I got my hair trimmed a few weeks ago, and where it had been “hip” length it’s now “waist” length. πŸ™‚ I had thought about going mid-back but now I’ve lost my nerve and am not so sure! XD

  2. Mine is 22 inches long~mid back. The only scissors that have touched it in the last 2.5 years are those to gently snip split ends. I take a ruler with me to the hair person and show them exactly what I mean my a centimeter.

  3. My name is Miss Antoinette and my hair is …… Checking, checking…. 21 inches long and was trimmed about 2 months ago (1 inch) and I REALLLLY needed it (it had been a year and a half before I trimmed it)!!! I normaly do not cut my hair, but recently (the last 4 years) in the summer time I will (sometimes, but it is hard to part with) cut my hair for “Locks of Love” and will have short hair for the summer when it is not to bad to have less hair on your neck (my hair is very thick and curly/wavy)! lol πŸ™‚ I have only done it twice, but it makes me feel better when I do cut it, knowing my hair is being put to good use and not just being thrown away! Aaaaa… I could not stand it! lol

    That is my story, btw, I LOVE your blog it has given me wonderful ideas and neat ways to do my hair! πŸ™‚

    Blessings in Christ,

    Miss Antoinette

  4. I haven’t had it cut for over a year, except my bangs which I have to have cut every few weeks (by my Mom).
    right now its about 20-21″ I’m growing it till its classic.

  5. My hair was tailbone length until March ’09 when I cut 20″ off, ending at about shoulder length. It’s currently at mid-back length, about 6″ above waist length. And I like it. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m Janet W., my hair is thin, limp, straight and currently 32″ long to the waistline. It reaches a terminal length of a bit longer then tailbone, but looks shabby. To keep it healthy I trim it every 3 mos.
    Haven’t got the hang of the bandana curl yet. Still trying.

    Thank you so much for giving us beautiful hair styles for long hair. I have referred several friends to your site recently.
    You are a blessing. Long hair makes us feel so feminine.

  7. My hair is about “classic” length right now – it desperately needs a few inches trimmed off though. 😦 When I don’t trim it, the ends get all thin, broken and “stringy”. The last time I had it cut (I believe) was around Reformation Day (October) but it might have been around my birthday (May) – my Mom generally trims it around major events. :p

    I’m sure your hair is still beautiful! Though I understand the lament of loss of hair – I *hate* to get my hair cut! πŸ™‚

    To the KING be all the glory!

    BLOG: http://www.donotgrowweary.com/blog

    “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

  8. Hi! I guess I’d be a shy lurker. πŸ™‚
    I’m your second reader named April, apparently, which is really cool!
    I have four inches below shoulder length hair that is very thick, so I can’t let it grow out too long, though I would like to. It also has to be washed every 30 hours or so, if I want to go out in public with my hair uncovered! Sometimes I do cover it with a tichel or a scarf because of how quickly it gets dirty and for religious reasons.
    I just learned to do a crown braid with it, which was pretty hard since it’s so short and has layers! I get my hair cut to just below my shoulders about twice or three times a year. I’m going to get rid of the layers next time I go and see if it’s easier to do up and braid. Now that I’m a teacher I like to do my hair up to look older than my students. It’s not an easy task. πŸ™‚

  9. I guess I’m one of the shy lurkers;)

    My hair is about mid-back length right now, but I’m letting it grow longer. I think the last time I actually got it cut was in December ’08. Since then, I’ve been letting it grow, and I just trim a bit off every other month to keep the split ends in check.

    I have so enjoyed your site. All of the hairstyles are simply lovely. I’m going to use one of them for a costume event that I have coming up:)


  10. Hmmm… I’ve commented only a couple of times – I wonder if I classify as a shy lurker? There’s something about that interesting state that amuses me. =D

    Ah well… My name is Kellie, and my hair is about an inch above waist length, and very thick. I actually can’t remember when I last cut my hair – every few years or so. Other than that, I trim it every couple of months.

    This is the most lovely and helpful hair styling resource I have ever come across – as well as a wonderful place to come for edifying and Godly encouragement. Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

    I too, plan to use one of the hairstyles featured here for the costume event mentioned above – I wonder if we shall pick the same ‘do, Tasha? πŸ˜‰

    In Christ,


  11. My name is Miss Alana and I have hair that is about 40 inches, or mid-thigh. It was trimmed about a year ago, and it really needs it again. My hair is fine and the last time it was short was 16 years ago, when I was a little girl!

    Your website is a great encouragement to me to be creative with the hair that the Lord has given me. Thank you.

  12. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks so much for having this wonderful website! I just discovered it the other day while looking for a tutorial on how to do my hair like Emma in the new (2009) BBC version that is playing on PBS right now. You have great tutorials on doing hair in many on the “bonnet” movies I enjoy watching. What a talent you have!

    I do have long hair – not nearly as long as yours though. It goes to my mid-back. I’m always looking for nice updos to do with it, especially because it’s curly.

    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to do a tutorial on how they do Emma’s hair in the newest Emma version by BBC. I’ve looked around your site for the same thing but cannot find it. It’s a curly bun with a braid wrapped around it. She wears the same hairstyle through the whole movie. I think what makes it intriguing to me is that the bun does not seem to come from a french twist or half bun. And the curls aren’t twisted pin curls or looked to be wrapped around. I’m not sure if you could do this with long hair. Do you think you might be able to take a look and do a tutorial? I would appreciate it so much!

    Thank you again for this wonderful site of fun a beautiful hairdos for long hair! I’m looking forward to playing around and trying them.

  13. Thanks, ladies!

    April 2, I know what you mean about looking younger! I regularly get asked if I’m 12, kiddie menus, etc, and I’m considerably older than that!

    Natasha and Kellie, you made me laugh! Would you two send me a picture of your hair for the costume event? I’d love to see what you did! And thank you for saying that, Kellie. I’m glad I could be a blessing.

    Shaie, I am planning on doing the new “Emma” style, but I need to perfect some things before it’s ready for the website. I was up really late Thursday working on it, and my hair rebelled. Never fear, I won’t let it beat me!

    • We were planning on taking pictures of our hair, but were having so much fun we forgot to=)
      However, I did take a few pictures of my hair later at home, and I would be happy to send those to you, if you would like them.
      How should I send them to you?


    • I had forgotten all about your request, Elizabeth! I’m sorry.
      Of, course, I would be glad to send you a snapshot or two – only unlike Tasha, I’m not sure if I have any good pictures of my hairstyle=(
      I’ll see what I can do, if you would send me a line with your e-mail address=)

      Danke schΓΆn!

  14. This is Anna, a.k.a. Veiled Glory in blogging land. My hair is waist-length and was last cut (about 4 inches) in June 09. Before that I had gone 2 years without a trim to get to this length. I might let it go to the one year anniversary of the last cut and just get a trim. πŸ™‚

  15. Hello Elizabeth,

    I have visited your website a couple times on recommendation from Natasha. I love all the hairstyles! My hair used to be a little longer than mid back but I made a dreadful mistake of cutting it just a past my sholders. Which was about 10-12 inchess! Yikes! I sigh every time I see a wonderful hairstyle that I could of done last year :(. Oh well, it will grow. Thank you for all your wonderful encouragements and ideas.


  16. Hi,
    My name is Samantha and my hair is ( are your ready?)…. shoulder length!!!
    I just got it cut several weeks ago because it is very thick- and would you know it? Several weeks after getting it cut I found this website. 😦
    Defiently going to grow it out a bit now!

  17. My name is Hannah, my hair is 45″(give or take a quarter inch) and my mom trimmed about an inch off sometime last year. Mom’s hair got down to just above her ankles, so I’m still hoping!
    I’ve been one of your shy lurkers for a month, I think, and have really enjoyed having some new ideas!

  18. Well, mine is about waist length and I have one layer (or two, depending on how you look at it). The layers work really well for curling as it makes it look like you have “cascading curls”. However, since the hair is somewhat shorter in part, it makes a big pain to do in buns, updos, etc. Simply because you have tons of little hairs sticking out. To do a regular bun, I have to use about 25 hair pins. yeah, big pain. I am going to get some wispy bangs on the 30th, and get my hair trimmed..
    My hair used to be past my waist when I was little. If I put it in a bun, my head would flop all over the place. If you couldn’t tell, my hair is REALLY thick. :-\ I can’t wait for it to grow a few more inches so I can do some neat styles without using 400 pins.. πŸ˜‰ lol
    God’s blessings,

  19. New reader here, my hair is about knee length finally. My hair was kept short as a child, then grew it out.I cut about a foot off in 2000 which I still regret to this day, and cut about 4-6 inches off last March because they were really in bad shape.

  20. Dear Elizabeth,
    Hi I’m Katelynn and actually just found this site yesterday. I have absolutely LOVED the styles that you’ve posted! My hair is 33 1/2 inches long, which is tail bone length on me. I trim my hair twice a month begining and end. Its natural very curly and I love it I do hope to reach classic length but am working on getting rid of my layers first. (I really like the “faux short pony, aka heart attack #2! its been hot and humid and that style will stay in all day so I can still have my hair “down” but off my back!! Thank you!)

  21. I found your website a while ago and then didn’t bookmark it (silly me), but I found it again. I love all of your hair do how to’s. It’s hard to find hair styles with instructions for longer hair.

    Mine’s 43″ long (just past classic) and I have had a few small trims but no real hair cuts since June 9, 2004. I’m hoping I can get it to knee length.

  22. My children call me Mom, but you can call me Marie. At 40 inches, this is the longest I’ve had my hair: classic length. It’s 1b/M/ii, dark brown, not yet black.

    The last noticeable trim I gave my hair was about a year ago. Other than that, I trim the splits whenever it occurs to me.

    I hope to grow my hair out like Crystal Gayle’s.

  23. I have layered 29″ 1c, F, ii/iii hair. Last time I had a trim was in April. My goal is tailbone! =) ❀ your site!! I can't wait to grow out my layers and be able to more of your gorgeous styles!

  24. Hi, my names Briana but my friends call me Bre, I’ve been watching your site for about a month now and I love it!!! My hair is 18.5cm (32”) which is almost hip length, I don’t quite know when I last had a cut but it was earlier this year and it really needs another one. 😦

  25. My hair is 50 inches long and I have not cut or trimmed it since I got saved in May 1999. My last cut was a week or so before I got saved, so it was early May of ’99.

  26. My hair is 28″, about halfway down my back. I’m hoping to grow to classic length in the next few years. I was well on my way about four years back, and then cut off 16″ to shoulder length! What possessed me, I don’t know. I kept it that short for a very short (ha.) time, grew it out, and then cut off ten inches again about two years ago (to just below my shoulders). I’ve been growing it out, keeping it in really good shape. I used to perm my hair to give it some texture ( I have really thick, but slippery/fine hair!). But now I have your lovely site and can chemically-free make my hair beautiful =) I hope by my twenty-first birthday to have classic length. I can grow about 7-7 1/2 inches a years, so a year and a half should be perfect! Thanks for all the wonderful hairstyles- I especially love the bandana waves. Keep up the good work!

  27. Hello. My name is Madelyn, and my hair is 38″ long. The last time I seriously cut it was nearly 9 years ago when I chopped it into a pageboy. I’ve not cut it since, except into layers nearly 3 years ago, but the longest strands stayed the same length. It needs a trim, just to get rid of the split ends. It’s rear-end legth (I’m 6′ tall).

  28. Hello, my name is Rachel and I and my family live in Australia. I found your site about a week ago and it makes me wish that I hadn’t cut my hair up to mid-back. oh well… I love your site!!!
    Keep up the good work!

    All for Christ, Rachel B.

  29. Well, I am also a ‘shy lurker’ πŸ™‚
    My hair is about 23-24ish inches long, and I wish to grow it to classic length, but now it is just about two in. above mid back.Annoyingly very thick, reddish brown, and wavy.

  30. I just found your site today while searching for instructions on the figure eight bun and have been reading through it. Great tutorials!

    My hair is 27″ long as best I can tell from measuring it myself and it hits my mid-back. I last cut it in March 2011 about 2-3 inches off, but it grows SO fast!

  31. I have never cut my hair and do not know exactly how long it is, but it is about 5 inches past my tail bone

  32. Hi Elizabeth!

    I found your sight a little while ago and have REALLY been enjoying it! My husband enjoys me playing with my hair, so he has been enjoying the results. πŸ™‚ My hair is mid-back approximately 29″. I trimmed it a bit not that long ago, but it could really use a cut. 😦 I have a LOT of split ends. My husband LOVES long hair, and you have helped inspire me to grow it LONG! Since I have been older (older is teens to early twenties) I haven’t had my hair much longer (if any) than it is now. Thank you also for putting the curly girl link on your website. I found out I have wavy curls, and absolutly love it!! I had curly hair as a little girl, but as I grew older my hair got heavier and lost it, I thought. Thank you for your websight! It is wonderful!
    Rebekah K. (My blogger profile is Amos and Rebekah, Amos being my husband. :))

  33. Hi!
    My name is Heather and my hair is…well….between hip and back length. I’ve never measured it in my life and I’ve never actually cut it before, except that one time when my older sister tried to trim my hair and kept cutting it like this / . 😦 I had to go to a hair salon to get it fixed. All I remember is a lot of very tall people standing around in a dark room. πŸ™‚ (I was very little!) I get trims regularly, but I don’t remember when the last time was. I decided I’m going to see how long my hair will grow, so I’ll only do a ~very~ small trim every now and then.
    I found your blog a few days ago and I just love it! So many hair ideas! I am just loving them all!
    May God bless you!

  34. My name is Casey. I don’t have a measuring tape at the moment but my hair is right at the bottom of my bottom. Its very thick and pin straight.

    • That would be what’s known as “Classic” length. I used to have my hair that length before trying waist length for a while. Now, I’m back at hip. πŸ™‚

  35. i just found your website and am loving it! My name is Justus, My hair is waist length when curly, and just above my bottom when i straighten it. I haven’t had it cut, or trimmed since I got saved nearly three years ago.

  36. I adore your site, and an currently sporting my very first “flower bun” it isn’t perfect but it’s far more interesting than my normal style, thank you!
    My hair is very very straight and slippery which makes styling difficult, and even though it isn’t very thick it is about two inches past my knees- longer than my arms πŸ™‚ I’ve only cut it once, I chopped it off till I couldn’t sit on it anymore when I graduated high school. It made me sad, but has since grown back nicely. Thank you for all the wonderful tips for long up-dos πŸ™‚

  37. My hair is between mid-back and waist length right now πŸ™‚ Classic is my goal. My last trim was about 8 weeks ago. I trim about once a quarter to remove damaged split ends. For some reason mine get raggedy-looking very quickly. I coconut oil once a week, use no curling or blow dryer, and only brush twice a day. Any ideas for healthier ends, hair expert? πŸ™‚

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