Fancy Hair Pins Video Tutorial Link

Fabulous Friday, ladies!

(As will all Youtube, if you decide to click on any of the links, please use caution.)

(Another aside- this gal’s hair is just wow! I dream of my hair being that smooth with no breakage one day.)

This is such a cool idea: hair pins made out of knitting needles. After watching this video, I embarked for Joann’s armed with my coupons. I’m not a knitter so I wasn’t quite sure what to get. I found you could get four of the same color/size or a multipack of small needles with four different colors with five of each for not that much more ( I think it was $10 before coupon). Guess which one I got. 😉 I didn’t have epoxy so I just used some jewelry wire to wire the beads on to the pins. The smallest size is a little wimpy and sometimes slides out, but that’s ok. You can see how mine turned out here. One tip, if you get more than one size, have you dad/husband/brother/male friend start by bending the thickest size first (we bent the needles over a screwdriver handle). My dad said it was very tiring!


6 thoughts on “Fancy Hair Pins Video Tutorial Link

  1. I wondered if you had made your hairpins using this tutorial…

    I stumbled upon it one day, and thought they looked nifty, although I never have gotten around to making my own. I’ll have to do that:)

    And you’re right – her hair is simply beautiful!


  2. Oh, how lovely those are! I really must make some for myself.
    I really love your blog, I’ve been reading it for a while and I had to comment. Although my once-long hair has been cut a bit shorter, I can still manage to squeeze your lovely hairstyles onto my head!
    Thank you for your historical hairstyle coverage, I love the Emma ones especially!

  3. How pretty! I just finished making a set for myself (using the $10 multipack of needles you mentioned!) and I really, really like them. They are so fun and so comfortable! Thank you very much for sharing this!
    In Christ, Hannah

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