How to Make Hair Flowers

I love wearing flowers in my hair! They’re so spring-y and feminine and just make my day better. They also go really well with most historical eras and vintage looks.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own hair flowers.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll want a whole bouquet!

You’ll need scissors, a needle, and thread.  I almost always sew with a thimble, but it isn’t absolutely necessary.  Your flower can be any kind you like! For me, flowers that are somewhat flat on the back work the best (see next picture to see what I mean).  The blue one came from the locally-owned all-things-girly store.   My preferred clips are the mini alligator kind with little teeth because they don’t slip out. (Really! I went to a ball and danced reels, jigs, and polkas, and it didn’t budge!) I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. The blue quilted/embroidered pillow sham is optional.  😉

1. If your flower came on a stem, it should pop right off. My flower had this little bit sticking out that needed to be trimmed.

2. Separate the petals so that your stitches will be covered when you’re done sewing or . . .

You could pop the center out for now so you can sew unencumbered.

3. Whip-stitch the clip to the back of the flower as close to the center as possible. Start with several wraps near the hinge. Then stitch a couple wraps between each of the next several teeth.

4. Knot off the thread and weave the ends back behind the stitches.

I had fun playing with PhotoShop for this one.When wearing flowers, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one at a time. I wore my two red ones for Christmas last year (click here for more pictures in color).  By the by, this is my vintage hairstyle for straight hair– tutorial coming someday!

While we’re on the subject of hair flowers, I’ve heard that which side you wear them on has a meaning.  Does anyone know which way means what?


18 thoughts on “How to Make Hair Flowers

  1. Lovely idea! I love wearing flowers in my hair. They work great on headbands, also.
    I never bothered to stitch my flowers onto the clips, being too lazy, I suppose. . . I always just use the clip to catch the hair and the flower. I shall make the effort in future – these would be wonderful to make and sell, as well!

    I believe that, at last in Hawaiian culture, the flower worn above the left ear denotes a married woman, while unmarried ladies placed their flowers above the right ear. As I prefer to wear flowers on the left side, however, we can be glad that our culture has no such socially regulated traditions.

    Although I would love to see in our society more ladies in hats and gloves, and gentleman knowledgeable in the mysteries of wearing hats and opening doors for ladies. . . *sigh*

    Thanks again for all of your wonderful ideas!


  2. Elizabeth – I’ll have to try that! I’ve made a few “flowers” out of vintage lace, and crocheted thread and used an alligator clip on the back, but have never tried attaching a clip to a fake flower. Splendid idea!

    Kellie – *sigh* You and me both, dear.
    I wore a hat into town last time I went – the black wool one with the diamond shaped accents that you thought looked like a small woodland animal;)
    We’ll just have to start a trend amongst our friends and maybe it will spread!


  3. Natasha and Kellie– I wear hats frequently, and I usually get nice responses.

    Rebekah– Yes, I did! The dark, wintery look was, you know, dark and . . . um . . . wintery. I know this lady’s hair doesn’t look particularly long, but I like the colors. 🙂

  4. ^You never know though – she might have a massive bun in the back! :p

    I wear hats nearly every day too and the comments I get are always sweet. I’ve often been told that I look “cute”. lol

    To the KING be all the glory!


    “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

  5. I love to wear flowers in my hair. I am an middle aged woman who really loves the age of femininity and wishes there was more of it around. I love the Regency era and the way women in that era took the time to look feminine. I say to all you girls, go for it. We need a generation of women who love being who they are in Christ.

  6. Hey,
    I am new here, will be 16 in Aug. and have 21″ long medium brown hair. I just started following you a couple months ago and wanted you to know how much fun I have had learning your updos!
    I am so glad that you did this tutorial! You inspired me and within a week of looking at your website (and many hours in the bathroom in front of the mirror) I went out and bought a bunch of flowers and hairpins!!! I had a tough time getting the flowers to stay in my hair. I didn’t have any alligator clips (and I couldn’t wait until we made a trip into town!) so I just whip stitched it to the U part of a bobby pin. I am wearing it right now!
    God has given you a wonderful talent and He has blessed me with you!
    God bless you Elizabeth!

  7. These are so darling! But I have a question, where did you find the alligator clips and flowers? I havn’t seen any of the clips in stores.

  8. Thank you Elizabeth. I just wanted to make sure HobbyLobby had those clips before I went all the way there. 🙂

  9. I DO know what the flowers to either side means! My friend recently got married. She was born in Hawaii and apparently a flower on the right side means your not married, and a flower on the left means you are. Kind of like rings.
    Thats what it means in Hawaii anyway, I don’t know about other places.

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