Curly Formal Updo

Here is the tutorial for the style I wore in my recent post “A Long Over-Due Update.” 

1.  The night before, set your hair and set it in five bandana curls.   I did one section on each side in the front, one section for the crown, and divided what was left in the back into two sections.

I don’t have step-by-step pictures for this one, but here are some diagrams to help you out. From the back of the head, the top is the front, and the bottom is the nape of the neck. The pink and yellow are either sides of the part, the red is the crown, and blue and green are the two remaining back sections.

2. [The RED line] The next day, undo the crown section. Split that curl into two-four smaller curls (depending on how thick your hair is) and individually spray and smooth each one. Pin each individual curl to the back of your head kind of high up so that the ends are about as long as you want them. I had a loop of hair behind the curls. If your hair is much shorter than mine, you will have little to no loop of extra hair. If your hair is much longer, you may have to pin the loop up a bit.

3.  [The BLUE line]  Undo one of the remaining back bandana curls and split it like the first one. Cross it under and around the curls you already pinned and pin the curls right next to the first set on the other side.

4. [The GREEN line]  Repeat step 3 with the remaining back curl.

5. [The YELLOW line]  Undo one of the front curls. Before splitting it, slightly twist it and cross it over the top of the curls you’ve already pinned. Pin the twist and split the curl and spray like before.

6.  [The PINK line]  Repeat step 5 with the last remaining curl.

Optional– My ends didn’t look like I had hoped so I pinned them to the nape of my neck.

7. Add sparklies or flowers as desired.


11 thoughts on “Curly Formal Updo

  1. Thanks for sharing – love this hairstyle! I don’t know if I will ever be able to do any of these hairstyles – as I have already said, my hair grows at a snail’s pace, although my mom and I are looking into some vitamins to help with that. But my hair is also incredibly thin; I was about three before I began to get a little bit of hair, and when it did come in, it came in thin. When I go to get my hair trimmed once a year, I always get charged with a kid’s price, because my hair is so thin. My two year old sister’s hair is thicker than mine! 😛 All well – at least I have hair!!

  2. Lovely! I just stumbled across your site, but it’s what I’ve been looking for forever! I have fairly long hair (a couple inches past my waist) and I love experimenting with it. I have a small circle of friends that are very into historical costuming, and coming up with complementing hairstyles is sometimes very challenging. Keep up the good work!

  3. Lovely- I hope to have time in the future for great hairstyles!
    What about you looking into showing us how to do some of the beautiful hairstyles from the movie Doctor Dolittle? (Old one, with Samantha Eggar) Would that be crazy hard?

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  5. My hair isn’t quite as long as yours – it about touches my belt – and your pin rolls work quite well for me. Could this style be done with pin rolls in the same five sections?

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