Shirley Temple Ringlets, Restyled

I grew up watching a lot of Shirley Temple movies.  Every time my sister and I had the opportunity, we would ask our mom to do our our hair just like her.

Here is a more grown-up version I did for my sister.  This is also a simplified-for-shorter-hair version of my Curly Formal Updo.

This style is perfect for those of you doing hair for little girls’ (daughters, sisters, etc.), especially active ones who don’t like to have hair in their eyes.

Shirley did wear versions of this style in her movies as she got older, such as this clip from “the Little Princess.”  By the way, this song makes me happy.  🙂

Click here for the step-by step pictures

1.  Part your hair.  With damp hair, set in sponge curlers.  You can use gel if you like.  For this style, we wanted a flatter crown so the sections are kind of lower on the sides than they would be for the sterotypical Shirley Temple look. Basically, there are two layers of curlers set vertically with a few extra ones in the back at the bottom.  The curls are rolled forward.

2.  The next morning, gently undo the back curls, starting with  the bottom ones and working your way up.

3.  Very gently smooth the back and loosely pin them with bobby pin criss-crosses at the top and on the sides.  A fine-toothed comb may be helpful in smoothing the curls.

4.  Undo the side curls on one side

5.  Twist the ringlets into a group and cross them over the top of ringlets in the back.  They should cover the bobby pins on the other side. Secure with more pins.

6.  Repeat on the other side.

7.  Add a tiara or flowers as desired.

8.  Bounce around enjoying that “spoing” feel  😉


And for those of you who read all the way to the bottom, a photo memory.

Happy Friday!


12 thoughts on “Shirley Temple Ringlets, Restyled

  1. Ahh, yes, Shirley Temple. My brother and I also grew up with some of her movies….

    Thank you for sharing this hairstyle! This is pretty much how I do my hair when I want it curly…but I can never figure out a nice way to style it after the curlers are out! This post has inspired me. 😀

    God bless,
    ~”Wild Rose”~

  2. How sweet! I grew up watching Shirley Temples films too! I still love to curl my hair and hope I can try this hairdo on one of my younger sisters.

    What a sweet picture at the end! Memories are such a gift!

    God bless!

  3. How adorable!! What kind of sponge rollers do you use? I’ve never quite gotten the hang of them… I know that’s nutty, but could you maybe, possibly do a tutorial on how to use sponge rollers? That would be terrific! Thanks for the new post!

  4. I love Shirley Temple! Love that song too!
    Now if I only had the patience to put up curls….ah well, my hair never holds them anyway! 🙂
    Have a great Friday!

  5. You little girls are so cute!!

    I’m thinking about doing bandana curls for the barn dance tomorrow night… I’ll send you pics of whatever I do 🙂


  6. I have a request I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m simply dying to know how to do this style:

    It might be kind of hard; I could only find one picture.

  7. Hello there! I stumbled on your blog from Pinterest and starting looking around! I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far! I too am a homeschool grad with long hair that I keep somewhat boring! I like to see some way to change is up every now and then!

  8. I shouldn’t admit it but I used to put my little boy hair up in rollers just like that. He would have made a perfect Shirley Temple lookalike. He’s in his twentys now and hasn’t had to have therapy yet! probably cause I stopped when he was just seven.

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