Fan Bun

“What God is like to Him I serve?
What Saviour like to mine?
O never let me from Thee swerve,
For truly I am Thine.

“My thankful mouth shall speak Thy praise,
My tongue shall talk of Thee;
On high my heart O do Thou raise
For what Thou’st done for me.”

— Anne Bradstreet

Today’s tutorial is for the Fan bun/updo.  Recently, this has been my go-to hair style for days when I want something a little nicer than a basic french twist but don’t have a lot of time.  It’s a soft, easy look that will work on all hair types.

1.  Part your hair and bobby pin the sides back with criss-crosses.  You can twist the sections like I did or not, whichever you prefer.  The criss-crosses do need to be rather close to each other, however.

2.  With your hand flat near the back of your head, wrap your hair smoothly around your hand.

3.  Bring the tail around to the other side.  I’m holding it with my thumb.

4.  Bring the tail up and over the top so that it has now made a complete wrap around the base of the loop.

5.  Wrap the tail around again and tuck the ends into the first big loop.

6.  Pin the loop flat against the back of your head above the original criss-crosses.  These will help keep the loop from slipping.  I can pin the loop with one jumbo pin from each side, but you may need more.

7.  Pin the wraps as needed to keep everything smooth and together.

The finished look is ever-so-slightly asymmetrical, so don’t worry if one side looks better than the other.

Just add a flower to the side that didn’t turn out as well.


31 thoughts on “Fan Bun

  1. What kind of hair pins and barrettes do you use? I find it difficult to find anything strong enough for us to use. One daughter has waist long hair and the rest of us have it over half way down our back…Love your site:)

  2. I love this style! It is so elegant and smooth looking! Thank you for sharing it!
    On step 4, because my hair is a bit longer than yours, instead of wrapping my hair around the base of the loop once, I did it 1 and 1/2 wraps, so that I tucked my end into the loop on the left side of my head, instead of the right.
    Here is the link to the pictures of my finished bun: http://www.network54 dot com/Forum/235232/message/1321042840/Sorry+to+bother+you+again…

  3. Can you do some tutorials for me. I don’t like to do anything flashy, very calm and casual. I like to do buns usually. Thanks so much! No one else will do it for me.

  4. I love you blog! My hair is very long, past my belt line, and it seems like all of the sites out there think long hair is mid back length. You have beautiful hair (you probably hear that all the time) and I love your updo ideas : )

  5. Just thanking you for your wonderful blog! Your tutorials are excellent and you are a lovely young lady :). As a homeschool graduate who is now also keeping her children at home I thought I could tell you were hs’d as well! What a wonderful ‘club’ to be in! Have a blessed day! ❤

  6. I’m auditioning for Georgia Southern University’s opera program on Monday, and I’m seriously debating between this style and the Emma: Frank Engaged style for that! Dr. G., I have been informed, loves all things “fabulous”, so if you had to choose, which would you give the designation of “fabulous”?

    • The fan bun is easier to make look good, in my opinion– especially with a fantastic flower. I developed that style as a showcase for accessories. It’s hard to hide the pins in the “Frank. Send me a picture; I’d love to see it!

  7. Hi Elizabeth! You have a wonderful site. I was just going to ask you how you practice the piano. You play so beautifully! You said in the post where you acquired Schroeder that you practice for two hours each day. Do you mostly play scales? I would be interested in hearing your techniques, as I also play the piano and am looking for ways to improve myself. You have beautiful hair by the way, and a lovely site! Thank you!

    • Thank you for you kind comments! Regarding piano, after having no teacher for years, I found a fabulous one two years ago. He’s really encouraged me alot. Due to other factors, my practice time is a lot less at the moment, actually. I would say one of the keys (pun intended!) to good piano technique is Czerny. I’m working on his School of Velocity, and it has helped tremendously. Search “Czerny 299” on YouTube for lots of clips. Demanding accuracy and precision of yourself is hard, and sometimes really not fun, but worth every hour you put into it. Take the time to do it right instead of just “playing” your pieces. I hope that helps!

      • Thanks a lot! I have had a teacher (my church’s main pianist) for the past three years. This is my fourth year taking lessons, but it seems I’ve gotten stuck in a rut 😦 Thank you for your tips! I’ll definitely look it up.

      • Is she having you practice classical music as well? (If you’d like to e-mail instead of comment, we can do that.)

  8. Yes, she normally does have me do at least a few classical pieces each year. Last year I did a lot of classical. This year my main classical pieces have been by Chopin and Schubert . . . would you suggest any other composers? By the way, many congratulations on your engagement!

      • Ah, the old Hanon vs. Czerny debate! I could bash Hanon for quite a while, but a lot of people still like it. Czerny is the more musical, less boring of the two. But your brother gave you Hanon, go for it!

  9. Just to let you know: I practiced the Hanon for 15-20 minutes the last two days. It was awesome how fun it was! And I definitely noticed that on my left hand, especially my fourth finger is very weak. I’ve only done the first two exercises so far. Thank you for all your help!

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  11. Very pretty! My hair is about 6 inches above my natural waist, and I was looking for some hair styles I can do now as I wait for it to grow longer. Using 2 fingers instead of my whole hand, and wrapping it once worked for me. Thank you for the inspiration! God bless!

  12. Great site! I have had long hair my whole life, but I’ve never been that great at styling it- and most tutorials online involve 23 hair products I don’t own, blow drying, curling irons, blah blah, and are made for people with half the hair length of what I have. I can actually pull these off! No more “exact same hair style every day forever”!

  13. Hi Elizabeth! First, congratulations on your marriage.

    Second, I have a comment/addendum to this style. My hair is a lot thicker and not quite as long as yours appears to be, and bobby pins have never worked to keep my hair in place. So in my attempt to replicate this style, I folded the hair, wrapped it around the base, and tucked the ends up vertically beneath the fan (at which point I ran out of hair). Then I took my hand out of the fan and gathered the whole thing together, then used a big round claw clip to attach it to my head from the outside. It looks like a vertical eclair roll, and I”m sorry I don’t have a picture.

    So this is an alternative for those ladies with thick and/or uncooperative hair.

    Thank you so much for this site, it’s wonderful to see long-hair styles that aren’t braids.

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