Wedding Pictures

Here are the long-awaited wedding pictures!

And for those that haven’t seen them yet, pictures from our honeymoon in Vermont and Cape Cod.


30 thoughts on “Wedding Pictures

  1. I look so solemn coming down the aisle – I was trying not to make the mascara run! Watching this made me tear up all over again πŸ™‚ You’re so beautiful… God has truly blessed you. He has blessed me too, in giving you to me as a friend.

  2. This is so sweet! I love that your wedding party was all in blue- it matches your eyes πŸ™‚

    What did you do with your hair under that veil? You know, since that is what the blog is about πŸ˜€

  3. Oh! What a beautiful wedding…a true example of the joy of waiting on the Lord and His timing in our lives! His ways are perfect! πŸ™‚ Many blessings, in the coming year. Thanks for sharing…

  4. Oh wow! I haven’t looked at the whole lot but you look stunning and even the walking up the aisle made me cry it was all so lovely!

  5. Beautiful bride! Congratulations to you both! …The photographer(s) did a wonderful job capturing each perfect moment; all of your videos are simply breathtaking. πŸ™‚

  6. Ohhh myyyy!!! What a joyous day it must have been. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. May both you and Samual enjoy and cherish every moment of your marriage.

  7. Hi Elizabeth! You are such a lovely girl and your wedding pictures looked amazing! I wish I has some sewing talent like you do, all of the dresses turned out perfectly. I discovered your blog a while ago, but have not commented yet and just wanted to let you know that I (and my long haired sisters) really appreciate your taking the time to demonstrate all of the amazing styles you do. God bless!

  8. Dear Elizabeth,

    I’m from Brazil, and I found your blog some three years ago and liked it very much. It was only now that you posted the [wonderful] pictures that I discovered you are married. I’m very happy for you both, and pray that God will bless your marriage and your lives. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us!

  9. You looked beautiful! I will be praying that the Lord will bless your new life together.
    If it’s in God’s plan for my life; when I get married I hope I can look as beautiful as you did…I am a red-head with long hair, I am almost a homeschool graduate, I sew (not extensively), I don’t play piano I play the violin! I have been on your website for about two years, but never read much or posted anything. I decided to do just that a couple weeks ago and thought it was funny how similar we were!
    I do have a question though. I don’t know about you, but my hair is SO heavy that wearing it up gives me headaches; I was wondering what you could come up with that doesn’t require all my hair being up, but still out of the way? I had layers in my hair, and I just got my hair cut 😦 but I am really tired of half ponytails and braides….any suggestions?

  10. Beautiful pictures Elizabeth! May you and Samuel be blessed with many happy years together! I was wondering what method you used to set your hair for the wedding. I have been doing pin curls everynight lately and they seem to last all day. My hair is slightly longer than my shoulders, and I will continue to let it grow having been inspired by your website. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  11. All I could think while watching was: “oh my word! so gorgeous” Congrats! and may God Bless your marriage!

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