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Beauty and the Beast

Today’s tutorials are inspired by the lovely Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” for the Belle fashion event being hosted by Hannah at spacious-soul.livejournal.com. Trying to copy a hairstyle from a cartoon was hard! What I ended up with works for my hair length, but you might need to modify it slightly for your hair type and length. I did a version of both Belle’s everyday ponytail which you can see in the image above and her ball style which you can see below.

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Ribbons, Part 2

This post is a continuation of this week’s series on ribbons. Today’s ribbons are 3/8″ wide, both satin and grosgrain. I like to use narrow ribbons as a subtle headband with an intricate bun like the one on the left or tied around a bun like the one on the right. A long (around 7 feet long) thin ribbon can also be used to create classical-inspired styles such as were popular in the 1800s. You can see a lovely fashion plate example of this style here.
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