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Beauty and the Beast

Today’s tutorials are inspired by the lovely Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” for the Belle fashion event being hosted by Hannah at spacious-soul.livejournal.com. Trying to copy a hairstyle from a cartoon was hard! What I ended up with works for my hair length, but you might need to modify it slightly for your hair type and length. I did a version of both Belle’s everyday ponytail which you can see in the image above and her ball style which you can see below.

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Braided Headband

I hope you all are having a Terrific Thursday. I know I am because today is dearest Mumsy’s birthday!

Here’s how to add those little headband-type braids to your hairstyle. You can do this technique before you do a bun for an extra-special (and historical) look. Continue reading

How to Wear Your Hair Down

This tutorial is for how to wear your hair down. Now, I know what you ladies are thinking . . . “Isn’t that pretty obvious?! Just brush and go, right?” Well, you could do that, but it won’t stay nice. I got the idea for today’s style while watching ice skating during the Olympics last time around. One of the girls had long hair, and no matter how much she whirled and twirled, her hair stayed perfect. I figured out that this is what she must be doing. In about 20 seconds, here is the way to wear your hair down so it stays neat all day.

1. Part your hair. Separate a chunk from each side. I clipped the rest of my hair out of the way so you could see what I’m doing, but you don’t have to.

2. Clip the two sections together at the nape of your neck under the rest of your hair with a basic clip. If you’d rather, you could use a ponytail holder instead. If you clipped the rest up, let it down to cover the clip.

Sorry, I don’t have a finished product picture. Later this week, I’ll show you a way to dress up this style.

Edit: Finished pictures here!


Ribbons, Part 4

I love wide ribbons. With just the time it takes to tie them, they add such panache to a hair do. Even if you don’t do anything else with your hair, a bold ribbon still looks stylish.

The example on right is Marianne Dashwood from the 2008 Sense and Sensibility. Known for her high spirits, Marianne is frequently shown with a wide ribbon as an accent to her lovely curls. To replicate her style, first pull some of your hair from the sides to the back and coil into a small bun. Tie a 2-inch wide ribbon headband style with a big floppy bow and the tails hanging over one shoulder.

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