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Shirley Temple Ringlets, Restyled

I grew up watching a lot of Shirley Temple movies.  Every time my sister and I had the opportunity, we would ask our mom to do our our hair just like her.

Here is a more grown-up version I did for my sister.  This is also a simplified-for-shorter-hair version of my Curly Formal Updo.

This style is perfect for those of you doing hair for little girls’ (daughters, sisters, etc.), especially active ones who don’t like to have hair in their eyes.

Shirley did wear versions of this style in her movies as she got older, such as this clip from “the Little Princess.”  By the way, this song makes me happy.  🙂

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Luana Loops

luana loops

This is the most basic variation of Luana braids, just loop up, pin, and tie a ribbon around the base of the braid. This is a great style for little girls of all eras.

Luana Braids

luana side

Named after Luana Patten, this is style is a favorite. The basic variation with loops is a little young for me, but you can use this style as a basis for several styles. French braids were not in use in America during the Civil War or before then so this is a great substitute for french braids. For theatrical purposes, this style has an “adorable little girl” appeal, particularly useful for actresses playing a part younger than they are. Continue reading